Why Bitter Sweet?

Part of me was against naming the blog something so clichéd; it is such a common, overused phrase. The other part of me then realized that clichés are clichés for a reason.
A cliché has been used time and time again to describe something…it has become the epitome of itself.

Bittersweet refers to so many things. It is used to describe dark chocolate, a silky sweet taste with a bitter bite. It is used for moving from your hometown; it is all you know, but you know that there are bigger and better things elsewhere. It pops up a lot when we talk about graduating college; an exciting moment, but also a terrifying realization of the real world. To me, it is also used to describe being a woman.

I know many of you are thinking a bunch of anti-feminism thoughts; but hear me out.

Let’s do something we’re not quite used to, and go from right to left.
Being a woman is a beautiful, empowering, invigorating thing. It leaves you with so many incredible experiences and privileges. As a woman, we get to literally give life to a human being. We get to help them with their first breath, their first heartbeat, hear their first cry. We get to nurture and care for them in a way that no one else will ever be able to.
We are able to care so deeply for people that it almost hurts; being completely invested in our relationships, our thoughts and our feelings.
We are all beautiful and fierce in our own special way- regardless of your shape, color, style, or size. Every single one of us brings something fabulous to the table. We are all different, we are all on the same side (even when we don’t want to admit it).

Now for the bad news.
Women are also constantly degraded. It does not matter if you are walking down the street in sweats and a hoody, or if you’re wearing a little black dress with heels – you will always get cat called, always get stared at, always receive unwanted and uncomfortable comments. Girls are prohibited from wearing yoga pants or any sort of tank top to some schools because it may ‘distract’ the boys in the class. Instead of teaching boys to not sexualize every part of the female body (even their shoulders), we are teaching little girls to be ashamed of their body. We are teaching little girls that it’s their fault that they’re getting unwanted attention. We are teaching little girls that it is their fault if they get raped.

On average, women are paid just 77 cents for each dollar earned by men doing the same job. Your daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives are getting paid less than a man doing the same exact job, just for the sole reason of being a woman.

Every woman is beautiful; but society fails to admit that. If you are overweight you get ridiculed and made fun of. If you are too skinny, you are called anorexic or a drug addict. If you are anywhere in between you are just plain old fat.

I am proud to be a woman in society. I take pride in the fact that I don’t let other peoples’ thoughts and opinions get me down. However, not everyone is able to do that.

This blog is in no way a shove of feminism down your throats. While a big reason for the title is this post, it means so much more.
Come with me on this journey that we call life, we can get through it together.


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