The 3 Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

The earliest memories I have about me and my sisters is almost hating each other when we were growing up.
One sister made me angry, so I shoved her against the window and then threw my (very heavy) teddy bear at her head. Another time, my name got written on the wall – not by me, might I add – but I was the one who got grounded for it, thanks to my very talented sister writing with her non dominant hand to make 5-year-old me look like the culprit.

Then we started growing up; fights changed from who gets more computer time to “GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM!” to “is that my shirt!?”
We began growing apart. Two of them moved away to school, we all got jobs, boyfriends, and lives to live.

And then we continued to grow up, and began to grow together. We all molded and grew into fabulous, strong, kick ass women. We started bonding on things like our common sense of humor, taste in music, love for random yelling,  Justin Timberlake, margaritas and tequila sodas.
One sister managed to raise two children [almost] on her own, while going to school and advancing in her career. Another sister managed to graduate with honors from a University, while she was fighting (and surviving!!) cancer. My third sister managed to become extremely successful in her career, while strengthening her marriage and raising a perfect little baby girl.

These women are women that I admire, adore and am forever grateful for. I have been so unbelievably blessed to have older sisters that I can always look up to, older sisters that have taught me so many things.
Having older sisters has given me ample opportunities to learn from the greatest.

  1. Be yourself. Stand your ground and stand up for what you believe in. My sisters have always taught me about speaking your mind and following your dreams. Never settle for anyone who is less than perfect, in your friendships or relationships. You deserve the world and someone only deserves you if they feel the same way.
  2. Just relax. Stress will present itself in almost every life situation -take a breath and relax – don’t freak out at the first sign of a problem. Tests are just tests, grades do not define you, and neither does that fight with your best friend. Everything will work out in the end, and if it doesn’t, then it was for a reason.
  3. Have FUN! I have definitely learned that scream singing your favorite songs absolutely makes the road trip much better. And speaking the lyrics of a song to annoy your boyfriend will do the trick, too. Random yelling in movies and TV is always a sure-fire way to cry from laughter, and anything involving a sad animal moment is automatic grounds for a horrible movie. Speaking the intro of Law and Order: SVU while the other one does the background music means that you’re basically a part of the show.
  4. Stay strong. We always face problems that feel like your life is getting turned upside down…like your life is crumbling in front of you and you can’t get it back together. My sisters have all been through their fair share of scary, life changing, difficult times, and they have all managed to come out even stronger.
  5. Sisters make the BEST best friends. You’re already stuck with them for the rest of your lives, so you might as well enjoy their company.

I will never be able to put into words how proud I am of my sisters. They have all accomplished so much and I could talk about it on and on all day.

For now, I’ll end it with this:
Dear sisters,
THANK YOU. Thank you for your unconditional love, your never-ending advice and wisdom, and for being my best friends.
I love you all so much!
Your Baby Sister ❤


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