This is Now a Problem for HUMANITY

I want to start off by saying how deeply saddened I am. Our beautiful country, the land of the free and the home of the brave, has become one big, living nightmare. It has become the land of the scared and the home of the violent. I am so sad for all of the people, families, and loved ones who have been so horribly impacted by these events. My prayers are forever with you all.

I also want to address the fact that I may get a LOT of scrutiny for this post, but I’m totally okay with that because I’m sure the support will outweigh it all. If you don’t like it, feel free to unfollow or just simply stop reading.

Yesterday, President Obama gave a fantastic speech, after multiple stories of fatal shootings by a police officer came out this week. From his speech, the line that stuck with me the most is “This is not just a black issue, it’s not just a Hispanic issue, this is an American issue that we should all care about.” I have never heard anything more true. This is not about race, it is not about religion or privilege, it is about HUMANITY. Our world is literally falling apart at our fingertips, and the only thing people are doing is rallying about stories they know nothing about. 

This became a much bigger issue a long time ago. It is an issue of national security; not only for the black community, but for our law enforcement, and for each and every individual that is horrified that their country is being degraded and torn apart due to racial issues. 

He also asks “what can we do better” which is the question we should ALL be asking. We should not be protesting and rallying for stories we know nothing about. We should not be basing our opinions of situations off of crappy cell phone videos that only show half of the story. These videos, while they do give some insight on the situation, do not have nearly the whole story. Most of them start halfway through the altercation and we have no way of knowing what really happened before they turned the cameras on. Sometimes, it is absolutely the officer’s wrongdoing, and those people, do not deserve to wear a badge. Instead of being so angry to the point of taking an eye for an eye, figure out what we can do to make a difference. Push for better security clearances on police officers, push for more observation on their interactions, social media accounts, and behaviors to try and catch this stuff earlier, push for more psych evaluations before, and during their police employment.

We should be standing TOGETHER. Working TOGETHER. We have obviously all realized this is an issue that needs to be addressed. We understand there is an amount of officers who abuse their power and don’t handle situations in the right way, but that is a VERY small percentage of the force as a whole. 

And now, the very people who have protected us time and time again, are the ones that are being targeted. Just in the last 24 hours, I have seen FOUR STORIES (correction: FIVE; not even ten minutes after typing that) of police officers being killed – one of which killed five officers. Someone calling in a break-in and then shooting the officer who responds to their house, is not doing anything. Someone shooting up an, otherwise peaceful, protest and killing five officers, is breaking everyone’s heart. These incidents are only creating more heartbreak, trauma, broken families and pointless brutality; but this time, you can’t blame the officers. 

While everyone was (rightfully) running away, terrified down the streets of Dallas, our Men in Blue were racing towards the line of fire. They were risking their life for you, just like they do every day. Saying all cops are bad is the same thing as saying all Muslims are terrorists, all black people are criminals, all white people are racists, and all Hispanics are illegal. We are all human, we should all be on each other’s side and stand together. 

We need to start recognizing that this is a much bigger issue; so many lives are in danger and it is not okay. It needs to end; on BOTH sides. Fighting murder with murder will get us nowhere other than failure as a country. 

And finally, let me end by saying THANK YOU to all of our Men and Women in Blue, as well as all other service men and women. Thank you for risking your lives every day to make sure we are safe. I will always support you and always stand up for you. 

God bless, and stay safe. 



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