Be A Witness

In this day and age (the only day and age I know, let’s be real) it is so difficult to just stop and be a witness to the world around you.

You are constantly swallowed up by your job, your phone, your Snapchat, your emails, your Facebook and Twitter.

Going to work before the sun comes up is rough sometimes, but, it gives me a chance to drive to work with a beautiful view; this gorgeous sunrise that I would never see if I stayed in bed later, if I wasted away the day doing nothing but refreshing my Facebook news feed every four minutes, and then getting frustrated and bored when there’s nothing new to look at.

It is so important for us to stop and look;
Look at the world around you.
Notice the children playing
The clouds moving and the wind blowing.
With so much hate in the world,
Be a witness to the beauty around you.
Everyone and everything you pass has beauty
You just have to be present enough to witness it.

We are all guilty of it – checking your email, reading your eBook, checking your likes on that latest selfie – take a minute to actually soak it all in. Sometimes, a bad day can be solved with a 10 second view of something pleasant; whether it be a fun shaped cloud, a sharp skyline, a gorgeous sky, or a colorful garden…you just have to see it.


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