I Challenge You

This week at work, I signed up to participate in Letters to Santa. This is a program where underprivileged kids send in their ‘letters to santa’ and people are able to pick up the letters to get them the presents of their dreams.

If they’re school age and able, they write out their letters. My little boy is 5 years old, and drew me pictures. His requests were so simple: a “bunny rabbit” (sorry kid, but you can only get a stuffed one), “books about turtles” (with a beautiful picture of a turtle that has one giant eyebrow and the face on the back of his head), and “a Mexican flag”!

I have done programs like this with my family before, and I have seen some heartbreaking wishes – children asking for necessities like hats, gloves, coats, and boots.

It really made me take a step back and realize how lucky I am.

We (myself included) complain about every little thing:

  • Having to wake up early to go to work
  • Having “no food” in the house 
  • Not getting that $50 makeup and having to settle for the “cheap” $20 one
  • Not having the trendiest clothes 
  • Having an “older” model car or smart phone 
  • Not being able to afford a manicure or to get your hair colored

I want to take a pledge. A pledge to start being more thankful, more appreciative. We take so many things for granted, and it’s really not okay for us to do so. We have SO much that other people would kill for. 

This holiday season, I challenge you. I challenge you to pay it forward, do a good deed. Whether it’s as small as paying for someone’s coffee, or as big as paying off someone’s layaway at the store. Be thankful for what we have. I hope that you carry on the holiday spirit and generosity well after the holiday season is over. 

People aren’t only struggling during the holidays. Sometimes, people just need a smile and a hello to turn them away from the edge.

We’re all in this life together, and you never know what someone is going through. It never hurts to be kind. 

God bless, and stay safe. ❤️


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