Wellness Wednesday – It’ll Be Okay


Life is really hard sometimes. We get chewed up and spit out. Then right when we think we’ve got ourselves cleaned up  and put pack together, we get stomped all over and thrown in front of a bus; left there to clean up the mess and bandage ourselves up once again.

On my return to blogging (it’s been a really long time and it’s sad but it’s fine) what is a better comeback than my beloved wellness Wednesday!?

This week, I’m here to remind you that it will all be okay. 

We’ve all been through way more than we thought we could ever handle, and look at us now. We always come back stronger than ever, right on top where we belong.

Here’s what we can do to remind ourselves that it’s going to get better and to help us get there:

  1. Remind yourself that you’ve been here before, and then remember everything you learned from it. We all go through hard times, and during those times we are convinced nothing is worse than this moment and it’s never going to get better. But then a few weeks go by and we start to smile more, a couple months go by and we realize we don’t get hurt as easily, we learn new things about ourselves. So many positive things come from negative experiences, we just have to be willing to notice them.
  2. Actually write out those pros (yes this is a pro con list without the cons, we don’t need that negativity in our lives). It sounds cheesy, but seeing all of those positives on paper helps. Keep the list and add to it, every time you notice a new positive, add it to the list. One day you’ll look at that list and notice it’s a full page of positive outcomes and BAM, it won’t seem so bad anymore.
  3. Be self aware. It’s hard to admit when we need help sometimes. People ask us how we are doing and the answer is always either good, fine, or okay. If you feel yourself breaking, do something about it. Talking to your friends or a therapist is a good way to help yourself figure out if you’re really okay, and remind yourself that you will be one day. And, if it’s hard for you to talk to someone…
  4. Journal your thoughts. I’ve said it 10,000 times before and I’ll say it a million more. It works. Get a blank journal and just write away, get a guided journal to focus on a specific thing, just get to writing!

Let’s actually ask people how they are instead of mindlessly walking through the motions of small talk.  We’re all human, we’re all just trying to get through life, so let’s help each other out.

It will be okay. 

God Bless, and Stay Safe


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