About the Author

My name is Kasti Kieszkowski.
I am a 20 something living in the Chicagoland area. I have recently graduated college with a bachelor’s in marketing and could not be more excited to begin my life as an adult!

I have the absolute greatest support system in the WORLD; they got me through the toughest year of my life, and I could not be more grateful. They have been my rock, my sanity, and my everything. My boyfriend and I have been together for quite a while, and sorry ladies, but I officially have the greatest man out there. My sisters are my best friends, and I am so lucky to have them. As for my friends, it is much more important to have a few friends that you can count on than it is to have the most friends. I have officially achieved the greatest, most perfect circle of support.

Miranda Lambert has always, and will forever be, my spirit animal. She is such a bad ass woman who speaks her mind and sticks to her guns. I love her. I’ve seen her 7 times and plan on seeing her 700 more.

I have always adored writing; I was that weirdo in class who was excited to write an essay. I’m that friend people send their papers to before they submit them.

My dream for this blog is to inspire and encourage. Inspire anyone to be anything they want, be an inspiration to people who are struggling. I want to encourage people to fight for themselves; do it for YOU, be YOU, not anyone else.
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