Why I Won’t Spend Any More Time on Toxic People

Every year that I look back, I realize how much I’ve grown and how amazing it has been. The friends I’ve made, the confidence I’ve gained, the lessons I’ve learned, the life events that have happened (helllloo engagement!), and everything I’ve been able to experience have all just been so incredibly mind boggling.

However, there have also been some people (and things) I’ve had to cut out, and that’s okay. Sometimes, we want so badly for someone to be good so we try and try to make it work, when in reality we’re just holding onto the bumper of a moving car and we have to realize we’ve gotta let it go (thank you Lorelai Gilmore for that wonderful analogy).

Sometimes relationships – whether they’re romantic or just friendships – can be really abusive if you keep holding on. It isn’t always  getting hit, sometimes it can be as simple as:

  • Getting unnecessary and untrue rumors spread about you
  • Getting your secrets spilled
  • Constant negative energy (you know, those people who are constantly complaining about something or always getting into trouble)
  • Bad influences (someone you feel like you’ve never hung-out with without drinking or doing something unhealthy)
  • They never let you talk, but always expect you to listen to them
  • Drama never seems to leave them alone (but they hate drama, right?)
  • Their pants are often on fire (because of the lies)
  • Other peoples’ names never leave their mouth

Ain’t nobody got time for all that.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be surrounded by positive, good people. I want to be surrounded by people who encourage me to do and be better. I want to be surrounded by people who love other people, who encourage other people and take the time to help other people, not who spend the time to tear other people down.

Misery really does love it’s company, and I promise you, these people will do everything in their power to get their company. Don’t let them have it. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward. Positive vibes and good deeds go much further than negative ones.

We are all too strong, too fabulous, and too important to deal with negativity, toxic relationships, and unnecessary drama.


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